Baby Born In China With Second Face

A Chinese boy was born with an unusual facial cleft.  It looks like he wears a mask on his face.  This is very sad for the babies with this types of rare deformities.

Source : Quirky China
On may 17th, 2010, the mother Yi Xilian said with great agony in a local hospital in Changsha, Hunan province that her 1-year-and-2-month-old son Kang Kang is suffering from a congenital facial cleft, and his mouth is cracked up to his ears.
Its looks like that he has second face.  His mother said the pregnancy was normal and all the signs were pointed to a normal child but when the child Kang Kang born, the truth revealed. She also said that before passing the baby to her, the doctors told her "don't be said" but when she saw her son, she collapsed.

Both mother and father used to work together in an electronics factory in  Huizhou, southern China's Guangdong province. After getting pregnant, Yi Xilian, mother of Kang Kang quit her job and wait for the birth.

Source : Quirky China
On March 4th, 19 days before the estimated birth date, Yi Xilian gave birth to Kang Kang, who weighed 4.62lbs.

Nobody knew about this rare unusual face deformity. Yi had three pregnancy checkups in Xiangxiang City Women and Children's Hospital, but doctors told her that the result were all normal.

Professor Wang Duquan of 163 Hospital said that there are many possible reasons, like disease infection during embryo development, taking medications during pregnancy and so on."It's the first such case he ever met." Professor said. It's different from a cleft lip or cleft palate, it's a facial cleft.  Not only his face muscles are cleft, but the inside bones are cleft."

Source : Quirky China
Doctors told the mother and father 20 days after the birth that the surgery would cost at least 300,000 to 400,000 Yuan. But they couldn't afford such a large amount, and the kid is already 1 year old and they couldn't wait any longer.

Professor Wang said that he needs at least two surgeries. The surgeries would sew up the clefts on the surface skin, the deep muscles, and then reconstruct the facial bones.

Professor Wand said they will try their best to resume a normal look for the baby, but as this is the first case of such deformity, the results are unpredictable.