Check your Brain and Eye Relation Through Blind spot

The human brain is extraordinary. But like a computer with a faulty processor, our brains can fail us when we try to do certain things.
The blind spot is the location on the retina known as the optic disk where the optic nerve fiber exit the back of the eye. Because there are no cones or rods at this point on the retina, there is a very small gap in the visual field.
Researchers have proposed a number of different explanations as to why we do not notice this blind spot. Some suggest that the opposite eye compensates for the missing visual information. One of the most commonly accepted theories is that the brain actually fills in the missing information using visual cues in the environment.

Check your Blind spot

Blind Spot Test 

Start by covering your left eye and looking at the star shape with your right eye. Slowly move forward closer and closer toward your computer screen, all the while looking at the star. At some point, you will notice that the circular dot on the right will disappear. That is because it is in your blind spot! If you move even closer to the screen, the dot will suddenly reappear once it moves out of the blind spot on your retina.

You can also do the same thing with your other eye. This time, cover your right eye and look at the circular dot with your left eye. Move closer to your monitor until the star suddenly disappears.

If you still not find, check the other test

Close your left eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny static circle on the left of the screen. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot‘. If you can’t see this effect, it means you’re sitting too close/far from your monitor. Try sitting closer/further to the screen and repeat the test. So, have you managed to find your blind spot?

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