A $40 Million Lottery Winner Donates Every Penny In Wife’s Memory

What would you do if you won 40 million dollars?  When asked this question, most people would say travel the world, buy expensive cars, homes and clothing.  Hopefully, donating some to charity would make the list of replies.  However, imagine donating ALL of your winnings to charity.  That’s exactly what Tom Crist of Calgary Canada did when he won 40 million dollars in the Canadian lottery back in May.

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 Tom, who is a retired CEO had been playing the lottery by subscription, so when he received the phone call in May notifying him that he had won the jackpot, he did not have his ticket on him, nor could he recollect the numbers he had played. He stated “I wasn’t even sure which game I’d won, or what the numbers were.”  After hanging up the phone, Tom went right back to the golf game he was playing and hid the news from family and friends at first.  After remaining in obscurity, Tom finally went public and announced his plans for the winnings.
The money will be put into a family trust and divided out to charities in honor of Tom’s wife who died from cancer in February 2012. Tom and his children have already agreed on the list of specific charities, however the Tom Baker Cancer Center is special as it was where Tom’s wife received her cancer treatment. With the money in a trust, the family can keep donating for many years to come.

Fortunately, Tom did well enough in business as a CEO of the electronics company EECOL; that he really did not need the money. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Tom revealed that he thinks his wife would agree with his decision.  “She’d be ecstatic about donating the money.  She’d think the same, guaranteed.”