• Building On Mars. Ancient Civilization or natural occurrence.

  • This is a picture of a Goldschmidt toad that has a mutation that caused its eyes to grow inward into its mouth. Therefore it needs to open its mouth to see. It was found in a garden in Canada.

  • Siberian Bear Hunting Suit

  • An ancient prosthetic eye, on a female skeleton dated 2900 and 2800 BC was found by archaeologist in the Burnt City. The skeleton was 1.82 m tall (6 feet), much taller than ordinary woman of the time.The eye has a diameter of 2.5 cm and consist of a light material, probably bitumen paste. The surface is covered with a thin layer of gold, engraved with a central circle and gold lines patterned like sun rays.

  • It is a Mesopotamian tablet inscribed with cuneiform. It includes details of beer rations. This was one of the earliest writing forms in the world. c.3300 BC (Ancient Mesopotamian maths was based on 60, which is why we have 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour).

  • Goliath Tigerfish: Congo River in Africa Locals say it’s the only fish that doesn’t fear the crocodile, and will even devour some of the smaller ones! In rare instances, it’s also been known to attack humans.

  • In Greenlandic Inuit (Kalaallit) traditions, a tupilaq (tupilak, tupilait, or ᑐᐱᓚ) was an avenging monster fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft or shamanism by using various objects such as animal parts (bone, skin, hair, sinew, etc.) and even parts taken from the corpses of children. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants. It was then placed into the sea to seek and destroy a specific enemy.

  • This exhibit of a pre-Incan grave at the Museo Ritos Andinos in Andahuaylillas shows the traditional burial method, with the body in the fetal position:

  • Demonic entity photographed during a séance at Retchford House,1933. Medium Elizabeth Stolwort had been reported missing a week after the events that night and was eventually found in the woods nearby her home. Massive blood loss was the cause of death due to several deep lacerations across the body and both eyes had been gouged out. Others who had attended the sitting suffered from mental breakdowns or hallucinations. Two had committed suicide.