World's Oldest Purse Found which was Studded With a Hundred Dog Teeth

 Photo credit by Klaus Bentele, LDA Halle

The world's oldest purse have been found in Germany and its owner apparently had a sharp sense of Stone Age style.Excavators at a site near Leipzig (map) uncovered more than a hundred dog teeth arranged close together in a grave dated to between 2,500 and 2,200 B.C.According to the archaeologist Susanne Friederich, the teeth were likely a decorations for the outer flap of a handbag.

"Over the years the leather or fabric disappeared, and all that's left is the teeth. They're all pointing in the same direction, so it looks a lot like a modern handbag flap," said Friederich, of the Sachsen-Anhalt State Archaeology and Preservation Office. The dog’s teeth were found during excavations of the 250-acre (100-hectare) Profen (map) site, which is slated to become an open-pit coal mine in 2015.

Even among such a rich haul, the purse is a something special, according to the Friederich, who managed the excavation project. "It's the first time we can show direct evidence of a bag like this."