10 Weirdest ebay items ever sold or on Auctions

1. The Meaning of Life

Someone finally figured it out, and they put it up for sale on eBay. Even with eight bids this incredible find didn't fetch much, but it was probably the best $10.50 the winning bidder ever spent.

2. 750 grenades and a Soviet rocket launcher

Internet dealer David Sampson, 42 yr old guy, sold several deactivated weapons on eBay from his semi-detached home in Sittingbourne. Worryingly, he had the know-how to reactivate them.

Among his cache were 750 legally-owned deactivated hand grenades and an SAS silenced pistol. After raiding the nondescript Kent home, police found the £200,000 stockpile. Despite owning most of the hoard legally, the loner has been jailed for five years for possessing a World War I German Luger pistol, a double-barrelled shotgun and an antique Belgian pistol in contravention of the 1968 Firearms Act.T his is the weird thing which amazed most of the person and the police.

3. Michael Jackson's underwear

A pair of Michael Jackson's boxer shorts were sold, with a reserve price of $1million. The Calvin Klein undies had been seized as evidence during a 2003 child molestation investigation.

4. Captain Kirk’s Charitable Kidney Stone

When legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner began to experience excruciating back pain in 2005, he was taken to the hospital where surgeons discovered that the cause of the pain was a kidney stone.  Having successfully – if not without discomfort – passed the stone, Shatner asked the hospital if he could keep the offending item.  His plan was to auction the ultimate Star Trek souvenir on the eBay in order to raise money for charity.  Although organ sales are prohibited under trafficking law, kidney stones are evidently exempt because, in 2006, the Golden Palace Casino bid $75,000 (around £48,000) to successfully beam up the Shat’s kidney stone.

5. A Large (And Genuine) Piece Of The Planet Mars

In 1962 a meteorite of Martian origin fell to earth in the central Nigeria.  The largest specimen of the 1.3 billion-year-old meteorite – which was named Zagami , weighed 18000 grams (around 40 pounds), and was part of a privately-owned collection until it was placed for auction on eBay in September 2005.  The asking price of $450,000 (£290,000) bought not only a handsomely-sized chunk of the Red Planet, but also a certificate of authenticity signed by renowned geologist and “meteor expert” Dr John Saul.

6. Grandmother

A 10-year-old girl from England tried to sell her Grandmother on eBay. She advertised her as ”annoying” but ”cuddly”. Despite a number of bids being made for Grandma, the listing was taken down soon after.

7.  A Man’s Whole Life

A Briton living in Australia sold his whole life for £192,000 after splitting up with his wife. The auction included his house and it’s contents, car, job, motorcycle, jet ski and friends, in an effort to make a fresh start.

8. $100 note toilet paper

This is $100 note novelty toilet paper selling on ebay for $5.59. That’s a bargain! The page says: 'Note: All Funny Toilet Papers are fully printed throughout the entire roll and fully functional'.

9. UFO Detector 

A Brazilian company claimed to have invented the first ever UFO detector which is weird to listen but its true. Rather than present their invention to the media and experts as an historical breakthrough which could revolutionise the world as we know it, they decided to stick it on eBay. A buyer did fall for it though and forked out  $135.03 to buy it. It is not known whether the item has worked yet. I don’t think the buyer left any feedback unfortunately!

10. Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum

Note to self: next time a celebrity is within spitting distance remember to pick up their piece of chewed gum if they happen to discard it near you. Because that is what one person did and proceeded to list the chewed gum on the biggest online auction site. The outcome came : Only $263 in the bank and one very happy (possibly obsessive) Britney fan. I love a happy ending.

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