Bob Marley married with Rita Anderson on February 10, 1966. Rita brought a daughter into the marriage (Sharon) from a previous relationship and although not officially acknowledged so did Bob (Imani).

The Marley’s together would have four children during their marriage. For those of you keeping score Bob had eight more children with eight different women not including his wife Rita. Rita also had another child (Stephanie) as a result of an affair with another man during her marriage to Bob. Rumor has it that there are several other “unclaimed” or “forgotten” children of Bob Marley, but to the best of our knowledge this is the complete list of Bob Marley’s children and mothers.

His Children are :
  • Imani Carole Marley born May 22, 1963 (with Cheryl Murray)
  • Sharon Marley born November 23, 1964 (adopted by Bob)
  • Cedella Marley born August 23, 1967 (with Rita)
Others are :
  • David “Ziggy” Marley born October 17, 1968 (with Rita)
  • Stephen Marley born April 20, 1972 (with Rita)
  • Robert “Robbie” Marley born May 16, 1972 (with Pat WIlliams)
  • Rohan Marley born May 19, 1972 (with Janet Hunt/Dunn)
  • Karen Marley born 1973 (with Janet Bowen)
  • Stephanie Marley born in 1974 (adopted by Bob)
  • Julian Marley born June 4, 1975 (with Lucy Pounder)
  • Ky-Mani Marley born February 26, 1976 (with Anita Belnavis)
  • Damian Marley born July 21, 1978 (with Cindy Breakspeare)
  • Madeka Marley born May 30, 1981 (with Yvette Crichton) 
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